Department of Bioinformatics:
In 2005, alongside important advances in maney other highly presetigious universities and research center in the world , the department of Bioinformatics was established at IBB. This department was the first to be offering Bioinformatics PhD programs in Iran.
The faculty Members, adjunct professors and students of the Bioinformatics department are involved in a wide variety of national and international projects.
Topics of interest in the department include, but are not limited ,to the following areas:
Computational systems biology
Modeling and analysis of biological networks
NGS data analysis
Modeling biological processes and complex diseases
Structural bioinformatics
Drug design and chemoinformatics
Modeling of Bio-macromolecules and their interaction 
The bioinformatics Ph.D. students at IBB are chosen from ranked graduates from the engineering sciences, basic sciences, biological sciences and related fields.






   Assistant Professor of Chemoinformatics and Drug Design
   Tel: +98-21 88993950

           Alireza Fotuhi Siahpirani

              Gharaghani, Sajjad

             Kavousi, Kaveh

             Karimi-Jafari, Mohammad-Hossein

             Masoudi-Nejad, Ali

                Montazeri, Hesam