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1.   Dinh Thuy Duong, Shalini Singh, Mojtaba Bagheri,  Artur Schmidtchen,  and Martin Malmsten. 2016. Pronounced peptide selectivity for melanoma through tryptophan end-tagging. Scientific Reports, in revision
2.   Mojtaba Bagheri,   Shima Arasteh,   Evan F. Haney,   Robert E. W. Hancock.
2016. Tryptic stability of synthetic bactenecin derivatives is determined by the side chain length of cationic residues and the peptide conformation.  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 59:ASAP
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Quantitative sequence-activity modeling of antimicrobial hexapeptides using a segmented principal component strategy: an approach to describe and predict activities    of   peptide   drugs   containing    L/D   and   unnatural    residues. Amino Acids, 47:125-134. (# citations: 4)
5.   Mojtaba Bagheri, Shima Arasteh, Evan F. Haney, and Robert E. W. Hancock.
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7.   Mojtaba Bagheri, Sandro Keller, and Margitta Dathe. 2011. Interaction of W- substituted analogs of cyclo-RRRWFR with bacterial lipopolysaccarides:  The role of aromatic  cluster  in antimicrobial  activity.  Antimicrobial Agents  and Chemotherapy, 55:788−797. (# citations: 16)
8.   Christof  Junkes,  Richard  D.  Harvey,  Kenneth  D.  Bruce,  Rudolf  Dölling, Mojtaba Bagh eri, and Margitta Dathe. 2011. Cyclic antimicrobial R-,W-rich peptides: the role of peptide structure and E. coli inner and outer membranes in activity and the mode of action.  European Biophysics Journal, 40: 515−528. (# citations: 24)
9.   Mojtaba Bagh   eri, Michael Beyermann, and Margitta Dathe. 2009.
Immobilization reduces the activity of surface-bound cationic antimicrobial peptides with no influence  upon the activity spectrum.  Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 53:1132−1141. (# citations: 101)
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11. Mojtaba B agheri, Najmedin Azizi, and M. Reza Saidi. 2005. An intriguing effect  of  lithium  perchlorate  dispersed  on  silica  gel  in  the  bromination  of aromatic compounds by N-bromosuccinimide.  Canadian Journal of Chemistry,
83:146−149.(# citations: 14)
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26:245−250. (# citations