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International Proceedings
1- "The effect of Beta Boswellic acid on Microtubule Polymerization" O.Karima, Gh.Riazi, A. Mosavi Movahedi, F.Mokhtari, B.Fakourian . 31st  FEBS Congress (Molecules in Health and Disease) . 24-29 Jun 2006. Istanbul Turkey 
2- Effect of InsP3 to microtubules dynamic instability in vitro ( a new way in signal transduction ), F Mokhtari , G Riazi , A Hemmati , O Ranaei , M Barshan .(2003)September 13-18th , EMBO/FEBS Workshop on Frontiers in Cytoskeleton Research ,Salzburg,  Austria.
3- Study on Inositol 3 phosphate effect on microtubules dynamic and structure. F Mokhtari, G Riazi , A Hemati , 2004 June12-16th , FEBS special meeting on Cytoskeleton dynamics, Helsinki, Finland.
4- Disapearance of substrate inhibition of the membrane bound acetylcholinesterase by cardiotoxin, S O Ranaei-Siadat, G H Riazi, P Eghtesadi- Araghi, M Sadeghi, L S Chang, S R Lin, A A Moosavi- Movahedi , 27 annula aquatic toxicity workshop , October 1-4 2000 , Canada
5- Mechanism of substrate inhibition of synaptosomal acetylcholinesterase , Ranaei-Siadat, S.O, Riazi, G.H, Sadeghi, M., Chang, L.S., Lin, S.R., Eghtesadi-Araghi, P., Hakimelahi, G.H., Moosavi-Movahedi, A.A., Special Workshop "Multidisciplinary Aspects of Learning" , 17-19 January ,2002 , Paris, France
6- Study on the acetylcholinesterase peripheral site as therapeutic target for Alzheimer disease , S. O. Ranaei-Siadat, G. H. Riazi, M. Sadeghi, L. S. Chang, S. R. Lin, P.Eghtesadi- Araghi, G. H. Hakimelahi, A. A. Moosavi-Movahedi , XIXth International Winter Meeting of the Swiss Society of Neuropathology , March 21- 24, 2002 . Switzerland.
7- Acetylcholinesterase as a Biomarker for Detection of Aquatic Pollution: Study of the Substrate Inhibition Problem, S O Ranaei-Siadat, G H Riazi, P Eghtesadi- Araghi, M Sadeghi, L S Chang, S R Lin, A A Moosavi- Movahedi , 11th International Symposium on International Symposium on Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms , 10-13July 2001 , Plymouth, UK, 
8- Effect of electric, Magnetic and electromagnetic fields on Na+/K+ ATPase  mouse brain , N.Mahdavi G.H Riazi M Shahbazi Moghadam A.Ebrahim Pour , 18th International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology , 16-20 July 2000 , England.
9- Qualitative and quantitative studies on some proteins and toxins transport across the blood- air barrier in cultured alveolar epithelial cell monolayer , A Ebrahim Pour GH Riazi B.Sh Behboodi N mahdavi , Pre-doctoral Meeting,18 December 2000 Biochemical Society University of Sussex , Tuesday 19 December 2000 , England
10- Use of Effect of polycyclic aromatic Hydrocabons on the synaptosomal membrane permeability as a biomarker , P Eghtesadi-Araghi, G H Riazi, S O Ranaei- Siadat, H Zomoorodian, M.R Sheikoleslami , 27th annula aquatic toxicity workshop , October 1-4 , 2000 , Canada.