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Research interst:
The research in this laboratory is organized aroud three major themes involving  chromatin structure and function.
(i) Interaction of anticancer drugs with chromatin, DNA and chromatin proteins, histones and nonhistone proteins, in solution, normal cell e.g. Bone marrow cells and cancer cells using biochemical and biophysical approaches.
(ii) The effect of anticancer drugs on epigenetic, gene expression and apoptosis.
(iii) The effect of heavy metals such as lead, nickel and chromium as a potent environmental poisons on normal cells e.g. alveolar macrophages, hepatocytes and bone marrow cells (stem cells). Also the interaction of these metals with DNA, nucleosomes and chromatin proteins (histones and HMG proteins), alteration of chromatin structure and epigenetic effects are investigated. 
(iv) The interest in the forth topic focuses on the isolation, identification and characterization of proteins such as 1) An RNP particle called LMG160 and 2) antiangiogenesis proteins from cartilage (SCP1).