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There are several megaprojects defined by UNESCO/UNITWIN network to be addressed through International Joint/Shared PhD projects. The megaprojects are subdivided by main projects which address the matter through one or a combination of the Biophysical, biotechnological and Environmental Health approaches.

The approved Megaprojects  
1) Biophysical and non-toxic control of insects
(Biophysical, biotechnological and environmentally friendly control of the insect)
Sub-project title:  
• Biophysical and non-chemical manipulation and control of the desert Locusts
• Pheromone and environmentally safe chemical control of desert locust mating and egg laying
• Desert locust trapping and harvesting using their favorable plantation and glue

2) Water treatment and recovery
(Biophysical, biotechnological and environmentally friendly recovery of sea, waste, underground water) 
Sub-project title:  
• Plant based desalination of sea water
• Biotechnical recovery of the sewage water
• Biophysical and biotechnological removal of Fluoride and Arsenic from contaminated water

3) Biotechnological monitoring, control and alleviating of desert (Biophysical, biotechnological and environmentally friendly means to look after desert)
Sub-project title:  
• Identification and preservation of the vanishing plantation and wild animals
• Dust stabilization, cultivation and reducing the chance of air dust formation
• Preparation and establishment of desert based biological market