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Supervised MSc Students 

1) M. T. Goodarzi (1989)

Physico-chemical studies on the interaction of the histone H1 and sodium n-dodecyl sulphate. 

2) M. R. Housandokht (1990)

Thermodynamic study on the interaction of histone H2B and sodium n-dodecyl sulphate.

3) M. R. Razeghifard (1991)

Structural analysis of histones by sodium n-dodecyl sulphate.

 4) S. Ghobadi (1991)

Physico-chemical studies on the interaction of catalase and sodium n-dodecyl sulphate. 

5) B. Ranjbar (1991)

Activation analysis of catalase by sodium n-dodecyl sulphate. 

6) M. Farajollahi (1991)

Physico-chemical studies on the interaction of histone H2B and dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.

7) K. Nazari (1991) 

Physico-chemical studies on the interaction of histone H1 and dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide. 

8) N. Farzi (1992) [accompanying with Dr A.A. Zaini]

Thermodynamic study on the interaction of histone H2A and dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.

9) M. Zahmatkesh (1992)

Thermodynamic study on the interaction of histone H3 and dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.

10) B. Samiei (1992)

Thermodynamic study on the interaction of adenosine deaminase and dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.

11) Y. Rahmani (1993)

Kinetic and  thermadynamic studies of adenosine deaminnase via interaction with cyclic and acyclic nucleosides.

12) H. Khajepur (1993) [accompanying with Dr H.Naghibi]

The comparative study on hemoglobin and globin in the presence of dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.   

13) M. Rezaei- Tavirani (1994)

Physico-chemical study on pigeon hemoglobin in the presence of  anionic and cationic detergents.

14) A. A. Taleshi. (1994)

 Structural analysis of bovine serum albumin in the presence of surfactant and calcium ions.

15) F. Tasht - Zarin (1994)

Thermodynamic study on the interaction of native and denatured states  of histone H1 with DNA.

16) H.  Rowshan (1995)

Physico-chemical study on the interaction of beta-lactoglobulin (A, B)  and sodium n-dodecyl sulphate.

17) M. Mehrabi (1995) [accompanying with Dr H.Naghibi]

The thermodynamic comparative study on bovine and human hemoglobins in the presence of dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide.

18) S. Mansouri (1995) [accompanying with Dr K.Zare]

Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on interaction of surface active agents with glucose oxidase.

19) M. Panjehpour (1997)

Kinetic and molecular modeling of  the effect of nucleosides on adenosine deaminase.

20) G. R. Habibi (1997)

Thermodynamic study on the interaction of lead ions and human serum albumin.

21) K. Eisi (1997)

Physico-chemical studies on the interaction of lysozyme and sodium  n-dodecyl sulphate. 

22) G. Masoodi (1997)

Enthalpy changes of allosteric transition in human hemoglobin A. 

23) N. Zohari (1997)

Thermodynamic study of osmolytes (glycine, alanine) on the stability  of urease.

24) J. Chamani (1997)

Structural analysis of alpha-lactalbumin (apo, holo) via interaction of alkyl trimethylammonium bromide.

25) A. Arabzadeh (accompanying with Prof. Farsam) (2002)

Studies on mechanism of 8- methoxypsoralen-DNA interaction in the dark.

26) F.Zoonuzi (2003)

Kinetic study on adenosine deaminase upon interaction with new compounds 

of nucleoside.

27) P. Pirzadeh (2005)

Interaction of lysozyme with sodium dodecyl sulfate in the absence and presence  of beta-cyclodextrin: Intermediate study 

28) A. Babaahmadi (2006)

Thermodynamic stability and functional study of normal and beta-thalassemia human hemoglobins upon interaction with deferiprone

29) F. Bostanian (2006)

Kinetic study of D-amino acid oxidase upon interaction with  Nickel salts [NiCl2,Ni(NO3)2, NiSO4] 

30) F. Semsarha (2006)

Design of histidinate hematin in SDS micelle as an artificial enzyme

31) M. Mojtahedi (2007)

Comparative structural thermodynamic studies on hemoglobin( A, S) upon interaction with dodecyl trimethylammonium bromide

32)  H. Sepassi-Tehrani (2007)

Kinetic and conformational studies of adenosine deaminase upon interaction with diazepam derivatives (oxazepam, lorazepam).

33) E. Sharifi (2008)

Effect of trehalose and cyclodextrin on structural change of nanofibril formation during glycation of human serum albumin

34) Y. Sefidbakht (2008)

Artificial Nanozyme Design Based on HRP as a Model in Aqueous Media 

35) F. Farivar (2008)

Kinetic study of histidine-heme in reverse nanomicelles of sodium dodecyl sulfate in organic media

36) M. Esmaili(2010) [Joint supervision with Dr S.M. Ghafari]

The Study of Nanomicelle-Beta Casein and its Peptides from Camel Milk

upon Interaction with Curcumin;Antioxidant Activity

37) M. Ghasemi Aliabad (2010)

The structural and glycation studies on HSA upon incubation of morphine and codeine

38) P. Bazzi (2010)

The study of curcumin effects on human serum albumin glycation & drug delivery of curcumin to colon using the alginate/pectin encapsulating beads

39) L. Alaie (2011)

Study of thermal inactivation and conformational lock in carbonic anhydrase 

40) M. Goodarzi (2011) [Joint supervision with Dr A.A.Saboury]

Heme degradation during hemoglobin fructation: Emphasizing on reactive oxygen Species (ROS)

41) E. Kachoie (2011)

Study of surface tension changes during conversion of insulin to the amyloid fibrils, and its correlation with toxicity of fibrils

42) Z. Sattari (2012) [Joint supervision with Dr M.A. Hosseinpour Faizi]

The study of conformational lock of glucose oxidase via thermal inactivation

43) M. Naderi (2012) [Joint supervision with Dr S. Hosseinkhani]

Thermodynamic stability and structural studies on luciferase in native and disulfide-bridge mutant forms

44) H. Ahmadzadeh (2012) 

Surfactant–heme–sulfonyl imidazole system as a nano artificial enzyme

45) N. Salehi (2013)

Studies on the interaction and heme degradation of human hemoglobin with sodium dodecyl sulfate and industrial additive

46) S. Movaghati(2013)

Effect of surfactants on nano-amyloid fibrillation of human serum albumin

47) M. Rahimi (2014) [Joint supervision with Dr S.M.Ghaffari]

Investigation of antioxidant and ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitory effects of produced peptides from enzymatic hydrolysis of camel milk caseins

48) M.R. Dashti (2015)

Study of fibrillation and reactive oxygen species on structure and function of hemoglobin upon interaction with ribose, fructose and potassium sorbate

49) E.Vahdat (2016)
The effect of potassium sorbate on bovine serum albumin fibrillation and reduction by antioxidants

50) M. Babaei (2017) [Joint supervision with Dr S.N.Seyed-Reihani]

The biophysical studies on diabetic red blood cell by optical tweezers

51) R. Sattari (2017)

Physicochemical studies of purified myoglobin from different slaughtering upon interaction with lead salt

52) E. Hosseini(2017)

The denaturation study of myoglobin by sufactants from different slaughtering methods

53) N.Pishkari (2018)

The Study of Glycation of Hemoglobin with Fructose in the presence and absence of Methylparaben

54) M. Hajizadeh (2019)

Heat,pH,tannic Acid effects on beta-casein hydrophobicity and foaming



Supervised Ph.D Students 

1) M. R. Housaindokht (1993) [Joint supervision with Dr J.Moghaddasi]

Thermodynamics and molecular binding studies of glucose oxidase by surfactants and urea. 

2) G.A.Naderi (1994) [Joint supervision with Dr B. Farzami] 

Purification and physico-chemical characterization of calmodulin for normal and  abnormal conditions. 

3) H.Moghadamnia (1995)

Kinetic study and thermal analysis of interaction of adenosine deaminase with nucleosides  and denaturants. 

4) B. Shareghi (1996)

Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on D-amino oxidase in the presence of  temperature and chemical denaturants.

5) A.K.Bordbar (1996)

Physico-chemical studies on the structure of hemoglobin by ionic surfactants and sulphydryl reagents.

6) A.A. Saboury (1996)

Thermodynamic studies of the interaction of urease with surfactants and 

inhibitors  accompanying novel theories for ligand binding to macromolecule and protein denaturation.

7) K. Nazari (1996)

Thermodynamic and kinetic studies on the effect of surfactants on horseradish peroxidase.

8) M. Ghadermarzi (1997)

Sudies on suicide inactivation of catalase: the effects of physico-chemical factors.

9) S.Z. Bathaie (2000)

The mechanistic study on DNA structure and DNA-H1 complex under the effect of different ligands.

10) S. Ghobadi (2000)

Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on the interaction of glutamate dehydrogenase with nickle ions and surfactants.

11) Mr. G. Ataei (2000)

Kinetic and thermodynamic studies of active site residues of adenosine deaminase via chemical modification.

12) S. Safarian (2001)

Kinetic and thermodynamic structural analysis of RNase A in the presence of 

RNA accompanying with histidine modification.

13) A. Mahmoudi (2001)

Thermodynamic and kinetic studies on horseradish peroxidase upon interaction with transition metals ions [Mn (II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) ]

14) A. Mohammadi-Nejad  (2002)

Thermodynamic analysis of human serum albumin interactions with glucose: specific insights into the diabetic range of glucose concentration.

15) D. Ajloo (2002)

Physico-chemical study on the structure and function of  hemoglobins(avian, mammals) in the presence and absence of surfactant and solvents.

16) M. Sadeghi  (2002) [Joint supervision with Dr H. Naderimanesh]

Calculation and prediction of protein accessible surface area and study of factors enhancing protein thermostability.

17) S. Z. Moosavi-Nejad (2002)

Structural study on the lentil seedling amine oxidase: thermal and chemical denaturation

18) M. Rezaei-Tavirani (2002)

Thermodynamic structural study of human serum transferrin (apo, holo) in the presence and the absence of  sodium  n-dodecyl  sulfate. 

19) M. R. Dayer (2002)

The structural and functional studies on the human hemoglobins (A, F) 

upon interaction with sodium n-dodecyl sulfate.

20) J. Chamani (2004)

Structural studies on induced molten globule state of cytochrome c by n-alkyl sulfates.

21) M. Gharanfoli (2004)

The structural and functional studies on RNase A upon effects of ions propreties and ionic strenghts.

22) Hong Jun (2006) [Joint supervision with Dr H. Ghourchian]

The kinetic, conformational and electrochemical studies on superoxide dismutase

23) S. Hashemnia (2007) [Joint supervision with Dr H. Ghourchian]

Kinetic and structural studies of native and chemically modified bovine liver catalase: using N-ethyl-5-phenylisoxazolium-3-sulfonate (Woodward's reagent K)

24) M. Amani (2007)

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies on Cu/TPQ Amine Oxidases

25)  N. Sattarahmady (2007)

Study on the structural changes of glycated Human Serum Albumin in the presence and absence of alginate

26) A. Mollaei (2007) [Joint supervision with Dr H. Ghourchian]

Electrochemical and Spectrophotometric Studies of Metalloprotoporphyrin Substitution in Horseradish Peroxidase and Comparison of Peroxidatic Activity of HRP in the Peresence of Different Hydrogen Donors

27) K. Mahnam (2008)

Thermodynamics and kinetics studies and computer calculation of  adenosine deaminase : Modification by Woodward reagent K and determination of the effective factors in protein modification

28) A. Barzegar (2008) [Joint supervision with Dr M.R.Ganjali]

Study of the Physicochemical, Electrochemical Properties and Nanostructural Peptide of Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) 

29) P. Daneshgar (2009) [Joint supervision with Dr P. Norouzi]

Determination of some drugs on the surface of nano and micro electrodes by modern electrochemical methods and consideration of their interaction with normal and glycated human serum albumin

30) M. Salami (2009) [Joint supervision with Dr M.R. Ehsani]

Bioactive peptide production and fractionation from hydrolysis of camel milk proteins

31) S.J. Mousavy (2009) [Joint supervision with Dr G.H. Riazi]

Effects of mobile phone radiofrequency on the structure and function of the normal and beta thalassemia human hemoglobin and in the presence of deferasirox

32) J. Badraghi (2009) [Joint supervision with Dr A.A. Saboury]

Comparative structural and chaperone studies on phosphorylated and dephosphorylated αS1-casein from camel and bovine milks

33) A. Jamalian (2011) [Joint supervision with Dr A. Shafiei]

Rational Design, Synthesis, DNA Binding Evaluation,Cytotoxicity, Molecular  Modeling, and QSAR Studies of Novel Imidazolyl 1,8-Acridinediones

34) Sh. Arieenejad (2012) [Joint supervision with Dr Jamili]

Structural and Functional Properties of the Hemoglobin Components from the Caspian Sea Acipenser persicus and Acipenser stellatus

35) H. Hadi Alijanvand(2012) 

The study of Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain 2 protein's catalytic domain folding and its nano-intermediates and the study of some important cancer cells metabolites and trace metal on such processes

36) A. Fallah-Bagheri (2013) [Joint supervision with Dr A.A. Saboury]

Denaturation and Reversibility of Human Carbonic Anhydrase II upon effect of nanoligands

37) M. Moslehi-Shad(2013) [Joint supervision with Dr M.R. Ehsani]

Fractionation and Identification of Bioactive Peptides from Lactic Acid Bacterial Proteolysis of Fermented Bovine and Camel Milk 

38) F. Ghamari (2013) [Joint supervision with Dr S.M. Ghaffari]

Antidiabetic and antioxidant study of phenolic components of Aloe vera on glycated human serum albumin in the presence of proteins and nano-peptides in camel milk

39) H. Sepassi-Tehrani (2013) [Joint supervision with Dr H. Ghourchian]

Comparative spectroscopic and electrochemical study of catalase in the absence and the presence of chemical stabilizer and osmolytes

40) H. Zare (2013) 

Structural and functional studies of ficin extracted from fig ( Ficus carica cv. Sabz) latex

41) F. Farivar (2013) 

Structural and functional study on camel albumin and its derived bioactive nano-peptides

42) M.Bohlooli (2013)

Thermodynamic study of 3-β- Hydroxybutyrate (ketone body) and glucose effects on human serum albumin

43) F.Taghavi (2013)

The effect of food preservatives on human serum albumin glycation and nanofibrils formation, Modulate mechanism by antioxidants

44) Y.Sefidbakht (2013) [Joint supervision with Dr S. Hosseinkhani]

The Effects of 940 MHz Electromagnetic field (EMF) on the structure and function of firefly luciferase, including cellular studies

45) R. Hosseinzadeh (2014)

Studies on the effect of BTEXs compounds on the structure and function of human hemoglobin by developing of gas chromatographic and electrochemical methods using mixed metal oxide nanoparticles

46) A. Banaie (2015) [Joint supervision with Dr H. Ghourchian]

Structural, Functional study of adult and fetal human hemoglobin in the presence and absence of mobile phone radio-frequency electromagnetic field using modified electrode with nanocomposite

47) L.Fotouhi (2015) [Joint supervision with Dr A.A.Saboury]

Study of heme degradation and ROS production upon interaction of hemoglobin with ionic surfactant

48) M.Mazaheri (2015) [Joint supervision with Dr A.A.Saboury]

The study of effect of aflatoxin M1 and Lead ions on protein (BSA, HSA and

β-Lg) fibrillation in vitro

49) A.H.Keyhan (2015)

The biophysical chemistry study on the structure and function of choline oxidase upon the effect of ionic liquids using carbon nanotube/ionic blue nanocomposites liquids/prussian

50) A. Khatibi (2015)

The effects of biocompatible mesoporous silica nanoparticles on the reversibility, structural stability and activity of human carbonic anhydrase II

51) M. Valipour (2016)

The destructive effect of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)on human blood proteins (insulin and hemoglobin)

52) Gh. Hosseinzadeh (2016) [Joint supervision with Dr A.Maghari]

Theoretical and experimental studies of interaction of ZnS and ZnO nanoparticles with insulin

53) R. Jahanbani (2016) [Joint supervision with Dr S.M. Ghaffari]

Extraction, partial digestion and biological evaluation of Persian walnut peptides

54) E.Najd Grami (2017)

Structural and oxidative stress studies on hemoglobin upon interaction with MTBE and its modulation effects by antioxidants

55) R. Karamzadeh (2017) [Joint supervision with Dr Gh. Hosseini Salekdeh]

Experimental and theoretical studies of 17-β estradiol interaction with human protein disulfide isomerase

56) F. Mofidi-Najar (2017)

Biophysical chemical investigation of curcumin upon interaction with pure and glycated catalase using experimental and computational methods

57) J. Rafiei (2017)[Joint supervision with Dr K.Yavari]

The Study of different concentrations of deuterium depleted water on hemoglobin structure and function: gamarr adiation approach

58) V. Sheikhhasani (2018)[Joint supervision with Dr N. Seyedreihani]

Mechanical study of the effect of statin drugs on membrane deformability of single red blood cells using optical tweezers

59) L. Alaei (2019)

Effect of Sulfonamide Inhibitors on the Structure and Function of Human Carbonic Anhydrase II in Native and Glycated Forms

60) S. Hadi Alijanvand (2020)

The investigation of noscapine antioxidant derivatives on breakdown of Insulin fibrils by laser irradiation

61) M. Qaffary (2021) [Joint supervision with Dr Kh. Khajeh]

Comparison of fibrillation of lipase and its mutant under the effects of osmolytes

62) S. Movaghati (Current)

63) P. Arghavani (Current)

64) E. Hosseini (Current)