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Personal Records                                               


Degrees and trainings



Surname: Mobasheri
Forename: Hamid                                                         
D.O.B: 18-12-1960       
              Married , three children
Nationality: Iranian
Current address:
Laboratory of Membrane Biophysics and Macromolecules (LMBM), Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB),  University of Tehran (UT), PO Box 13145-1384
Biomaterials Research Center (BRC), University of  Tehran &  Tehran University Of Medical Sciences., 
Tel: +98 21 6695 6982,   +98 21 6111 3383
Fax: +98 21  6695 6982,   +98 21 6640 4680
Web address:


Visiting scientist (2015 Aug-Oct)
University of Melbourne, Australia (Prof F. Separovic)
(Collaborative research on Molecular effects of PEG on lipid membranes,)
Visiting scientist (2014 Aug-Oct)
University of Oslo, Norway (Prof. Bo, Nystrom)
(Collaborative research on Light scattering and Small-Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering of polymers,) 
Visiting scientist (2014 Mar-Aug)
University of Salento, Italy, (Prof L. Dini)
(Collaborative research on static magnetic field effcts on biological matters,)
Post Doc (1999-2001)
Biophysics, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
(Biophysics of IP3 receptors and calcium signalling, Prof A. Dawson)
Ph.D. (1995-1999)
Biophysics, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
(Biophysical study of the structure and function of single ionic channels, Prof D.  Aidley)
M.Sc. (1993-1995)
Biophysics and Molecular Biology, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
(Investigation of molecular mechanisms of gating of bacterial membrane channels (porins), using biophysical techniques, Prof D. Aidley)
B.Sc. (1984-1988)
Cell and Molecular Biology, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.
Diploma (1982-1983)
Natural Sciences, Shariati High School, Khark, Iran
Diploma (1978-1982)
Mathematics& Physics, J. Nasir-zadeh High School, Mashad, Iran