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Research Interests:
Sensors and nanosensors based on electrochemical transducers (including voltametry, potentiometry, impedance, and capacitance) and optical transducers (including UV-Visible, flourescence and luminescence) by applying different bioreceptors including: Enzyme (native or artificial), DNA and RNA, antibodies and aptamers  
Structural studies of biomacromolecules including:
Protein modification and immobilization
Bioelectrochemistry of proteins 
Biofuel cell design: 
Enzymatic and microbial biofuel cell
Drug delivery
Anticancer drug delivery
Nano drugs
Biosensor for detection of hepatitis B surface antigen
Early detection of diabetes II
Biosensor for blood glucose detection
Biosensor for H5N1 influenza virus
Conductometric biosensor for determination of urea
Amperometric biosensor for detection for cholesterol
Artificial enzyme production
Synthesis of artificial nanozymes including:
Superoxide dismutase nanozyme
Peroxidase nanozyme
Glucose oxidase nanozyme
Synthesis of Anti-cancer nanodrugs
Synthesis of nanodrugs 
Biofuel cells 
Enzymatic fuel cells
Microbial fuel cells