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Biophysics Week 2018

Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB) University of Tehran

12-15 March 2018, Tehran, Iran.

Director: Dr Hamid Mobasheri

Biophysics, promising solutions in Health, Pharmaceutics, Agriculture and Environment

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Considering the progressing development in the monitoring, measuring, analysis and computational means, our knowledge about living systems has been widely nourished by different basic sciences including Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. One of the unique field of studies, Biophysics, has managed to involve all the above sciences in both integrative and interdisciplinary manners in order to address and solve different problems different living organisms, including; human being are facing on the globe today.

This is why the platform of the "World Biophysics Week" has been wisely defined to provide everybody at every level of expertise, knowledge, carrier, involvement, and of any nationality, age, sex, and etc. an appropriate base to get together, and to familiarize themselves with the Biophysics at atomic, molecular, cellular, tissue and whole body levels. The ultimate task is to seek the applicable shortcuts to solve the problems and to invent novel approaches to in order to complement or substitute different means of diagnosis and treatments defined by the classic medicine, pharmacy and environmental sciences.

Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB) with more than four decade experience in the teaching and research in the field of Biophysics, is the oldest and one of the most developed research centers in the field in Iran that has well recognized the capability, applicability and outstanding potentials of Biophysics in different fields and is thus, dedicated herself to form a platform for all those who might be interested to play a role in the world of Biophysics at the national and international levels..