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 A. Seyedarabi, T. Hutchinson, M. J. Warren and R. W. Pickersgill, ‘The Methyltransferases of cobalamin (vitamin B12) biosynthesis', poster presented at the Young Crystallographers Satellite meeting and the main British Crystallographic Association Spring meeting, April 2009, Loughborough University (was awarded the David Blow poster prize)
 A. Seyedarabi and R. W. Pickersgill, ‘Pectate lyase, a key enzyme in phytopathogenesis', poster presented at the Biological Structures group Winter meeting on ‘Structural Biology of Pathogens', 18th December 2006, University of Birmingham
 A. Seyedarabi, S. Hussain, M, Fries, K. Brocklehurst and R. W. Pickersgill, ‘Mechanism of Bacillus subtilis pectate lyase', poster presented at the Biological Structures Group Winter meeting on ‘Structural enzymology', 19th December 2005, University of Bristol
 A. Seyedarabi, Chihiro Sasakawa and R.W. Pickersgill, ‘Protein-protein interaction essential for Shigella flexneri infection', poster presentation, 12th-14th April 2005, Loughborough University
 A. Seyedarabi and R.W. Pickersgill, ‘Characterisation of protein-protein interactions in Shigella infection: IpaH9.8 interferes with U2AF35-dependent pre-mRNA splicing', poster presented at 2nd year PhD Poster presentation session, February 2005, Queen Mary University of London
Talks (selected)
Crystal structure determination of hemoglobin from two sturgeon species of fish, Acipenser persicus and Acipenser stellatus', 13th Conference on Biological Chemistry (CBC), 2015, Ardabil, Iran
‘Structure-function studies of three types of enzymes involved in disease; a pectate lyase, an E3 ubiquitin ligase and three methyltransferases', International Conference on Biophysical Chemistry (ICBC), May 2012, Ardabil, Iran
 ‘Structural, Functional and Thermodynamic Analyses of Neuropilin-VEGF HeparinInteractions', Institute of Structural & Molecular Biology Retreat meeting, June 2011, Robinson College, Cambridge, UK
  ‘Vitamin B12 and the seven methyltransferase domains', Tetrapyrrole Discussion Group meeting, 8th April 2010, Royal College of Pathologists, London, UK
 ‘Structural and functional studies of IpaH9.8 from Shigella flexneri', Winter Biological Structures Group Meeting, December 2009, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK
 ‘Domain swapping in S. flexneri IpaH9.8', Young Crystallographers Satellite meeting, April 2009, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK
 ‘Structural studies of the methyltransferases involved in cobalamin (vitamin B12) biosynthesis', Tetrapyrrole Discussion Group meeting, 1st April 2008, The Novartis Foundation, London, UK
 ‘Pectate lyase- structural and thermodynamic studies', 18th December 2007, Collaborative meeting on the bacterial Type II secretion system, Lyon, France
 ‘A recipe for binding and catalysis by pectate lyase', 16th April 2007, The Young Crystallographers Satellite meeting, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
 ‘Structural studies of proteins involved in bacterial diseases', July 2004, Collaborative meeting and presentation at the University of Tokyo, Japan
 ‘Structural studies of proteins from pathogenic bacteria', Summer 2004, short presentation at Bristol Protein Crystallography Summer School, Bristol, UK