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Awards and achievements:
-Khawarazmi Prize, 1990
-National Distinguished Professor, 1997
-National Eternal Figures (NEF) 2003
-The First Class Medal for Research, University of Tehran, 2003
-Razi Fesival First Rank Award,2005
-Elsevier-Scopus International Award for Top Researcher,2007
-Avicenna Festival First Rank Award for Top Researcher,2008
-Member of Iran Academy of Sciences, 2009
- First rank award and national eminent researcher, 2009
- Professor of Eminence of  the University of Tehran, 2010
- Prominent Professor appointed by Iran National Elites Foundation 2012
-International Festival of University of Tehran First Rank Award for top ESI (Essential Science Indicator)  Scientist in the Fields of Biology and Biochemistry 2013. ESI rank is continued until now.
-TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences) Fellow   2015
-Fellow of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences  2016