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Elysi-gorji, Z, (PhD, Biophysics, current student, 2016-). Biophysical characteristics of  Olfactory Ensheeting Cells (OEC) in CNS neural repair 

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Kashi, M., (MSc in Medical Engineering, Biomaterials, 2014-16). Synthesis of oligopyrrole-chitosan scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering 
Samadian, H., (PhD, Medical Nanotechnology, current student, 2014-) Fabrication of mineralised  conductive carbon nanofiber composite as a substrate for electrical stimulation of osteoblast like cells 
Amini, L, (Micrbiology, PhD, current student, 2014-) Effects of essential oil from Zataria multiflora on structure and function of X. campestris 
Rahimzadeh, M, (Nanobiotechnology, PhD,  2013-2016) Investigatingon of the mechanism of passing diblock polymeric nanocarrier containing DNA through E.coli membrane 
Ghaemi, Z. (MSc, Biochemistry, 2013-2014) Biochemistry of microtubule polymerization 
Ebrahim-Damavandi, S. (PhD, Biophysics, 2013-18) Biophysical effects of static magnetic field on wound healing, a practical approach aiming to to control, facilitate and speed up diabetic wound healing
Zadeh haghighi, H. (MSc in Biophysics, 2013-2014) Biophysical effects of HF electromagnetic field on membrane and water as the dominant and essential matter in biological medium 
Shahraki, A, (MSc in Biophysics, 2012-13) Membrane biophysics of curcomin encapsulation and effects on membrane 
Rad, I. (PhD student in Biophyics, 2011-14) Effects of biocompatible and biodegradable synthetic polyethylene glycol polymers on isolated Rattus Norvegicus spinal cord regeneration, A biophysical approach   
Mousavidoust, S. (PhD in Biophysics, 2011-16) Biophysical investigation of static magnetic field effect on tubulin nanotube polymerization 
Eskandari K, (PhD Biophysics 2009-12) Advisor)Investigation of  the surface properties effect of gold, prussian blue and polystyrene coated magnetic nanoparticle on peroxidase and Cholin oxidase structure and function 
Rezaei, M., (MSc Student, Biophysics, 2011-2) Single ion channel activity and translocation of  antibiotics through OmpF porin channel at molecular level 
Zand-salimi, K., (MSc Student, Biophysics, 2011-12)  Application of  surface plasmon resonance in polynucleotide sequencing 
Ketabi, N., (PhD student,  Biophysics, 2009-13) Effects of of electromagnetic fields (UHF) on single OmpF nanochannel protein activities, a biophysical approach 
Yasrebi, SA, (MSc in Chemistry, Advisor, 2009-11) Synthesis and characterization of two new molybdenum (VI) complexes and investigation of their interaction with CT-DNA using spectroscopic UV-Vis, CD and fluorescence techniques.
Ahmadi, M. (PhD student,  Biophysics, 2009-14) A biophysical approach to repair and monitor dammaged rat's spinal cord by means of 2T static magnetic field 
Pourmir A, (PhD student,  Biophysics, 2009!!!) Biophysical detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis based on antigen-antibody reaction using impedimentary method 
Hanaei-Ahvaz, H. (PhD student,  Biophysics, 2008-12) Biophysical aspects of bladder cell culture on biodegradable scaffold, an application in tissue engineering 
Hadian, S. (MSc student,  Biophysics, 2009-10) The effects of magnetic field on the neural cell culture migration, elongation and soma sizes 
Hadi Alijanvand, S. (MSc student,  Biophysics, 2009-10)  Biophysics of Oligonucleotide translocation through OmpF porin channel 
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Kouhzaei, S. (PhD student,  Biophysics, 2008-12) Biophysical studies of rat's damaged spinal cord by means of biodegradable polymers 
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Bessia, AB. (PhD student,  Physics,  Joined with  Sharif  University of Tehchnology, 2009-11) Study of the membrane proteins vibrational modes using elastic network model 
Rastgou, S.  (MSc student,  Biophysics, 2009-8) Theorretical analysis of the structure and function of OmpF porin Channels comapered with experimental results 
Mousavi,  AS. (MSc student,  Biophysics, 2007-8) Theorretical analysis of the structure and function of OmpF porin Channels
Mirsafian, AS (MSc student, Computer and Biophysics, Joined with  Sharif  University of Tehchnology, 2007-8) Analysis of the Process of Neural Cell's culture using Image Processing techniques
Tavili, E. (MSc student,  Biochemistry, Advisor, 2007-8) The study of the effect of magnetic field on active structure of nanotubes of microtubule 
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Mahdiuni, H. (PhD student,  Biochemistry, 2004-8) The novel anti tuberculosis synthesized agent (1,3,4 Tiadiazol ) activities in artificial membranes, an experimental and theoretical approach 
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