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1997-1998      Numerical Sciences for Biologists         (MSc, BSc in Biology) UEA (University of East
                                                                                                          Anglia), UK                          

2001-Now       Membrane Biophysic                               (PhD and MSc  in Biophysics), IBB (Institute of                                                                                                                  Biochemistry and Biophysics),  UT (University of

                                                                                                                Tehran), Iran       
2001-Now       Biophysics                                                  (MSc, Medical Immunology), TUMS (Tehran.
                                                                                                                University of Medical Sciences), Iran             

2001                Biophysics
                                                   (BSc, Zoology) Shahed Univ, Iran                  

2001-2002     Cellular Biophysics                              (PhD, Biotecnology) Pasteur & NRCGEB, Iran            

2001-2014     Membrane Biophysics                        (MSc, Biophysics), IBB, UT, TMU (Tarbiat Modares

                                                                                                                 University), Iran

2004 -2007    Advanced Cell Biology                                         (PhD, Biotech & Pharm) Pasteur & NRCGEB              
2005-Now      Biophysics                                                               (MSc, Medical Physics), TUMS, Iran                             
2005-2009     Modern Topics in Biotechnology                        (PhD, Biotechnology), UT, Iran                       

2005-2014     Cellular Biophysics                                               (PhD,  MSc, Biophysics), TMU, IBB, UT, Iran             

2004-Now     Postgraduate Seminars in Biophysics               (PhD, MSc,  Biophysics) , IBB, UT,  Iran       

2009- 2012           Cell and Molecular Biophysics                    (PhD, Biotechnology), UT,  Iran                      

2009-Now             Biological Nanomanipulation                      (PhD, Medical Nanotechnology)      Modern Med Tech                                                                             Sch. TUMS, Iran

2015-Now             Advance smart drug delivery                        (PhD, Pharmaceutical Biomaterials), Faculty of
                                                                                                                  Pharnmacy. TUMS, Iran