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Student Supervised (M.Sc.)
1. Mr. Hassan Khodakarami (1997) Application of Cerium Phosphate Ion Exchange Resin as Sensory Element for Selective Electrode.
2. Mr. Reza Toufani (1999) Enzyme Electrode for Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide.
3. Mr. Nematollah Dousti (1999) Design and Construction pf Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis.
4. Mr. Ebrahim Vakilpour (2001) Chemical Modification of Horseradish Peroxidase by Anthraquinon Monocarboxilic acid to Establish Electrical Conductivity.
5. Mr. Ahmad Moulaie Rad (2001) Application of Conductometric Method for Enzymatic Determination of Urea.
6. Mr. Hassan Shafiey (2002) Electron Transferring of Molten Globule State of Cytochrom C.
7. Mr. Kamal Fatemi (2004) Application of CSV Method in Detection of Hepatitis B Virus.
8. Mrs. Farnaz Leilazi (2004) Design and Construction of Glucose Biosensor.
9. Mr. Kaveh Niknam (2005) Comparision Between Prussian Blue and Peroxidase in Order to Determine the Hydrogen Peroxide Produced by GOD Catalytic Activity.
10. Miss. Hana Hanaie (2006) Detectionn of HBV by Using Gold NPS AND Magnetic Beads Simoltaneously.
11. Miss. Sharareh Sajjadi (2006). The Comparision of Single and Multi Enzyme Biosensors in organophousphorous Dtection.
12. Mrs. Zahra Gholami (2007) Investigation of electron properties and some of kinetic parameters of choline oxidase at carbon nanotubes modified gold electrod.
13. Mr. Mostafa Shourian (2007) Electrochemical Studies of Anthraquinone-modified Horseradish Peroxidase.
14. Miss Azadeh Hekmat (2007) The studies of the effects of temperature and pH on the function and structure of choline oxidase,  In cooperating with Professor Saboury. 
15. Mrs Fatemeh Amini Akbarabadi (2007) Studying the electrical properties of HRP on the electrode modified with nafion/toluidine blue and its application in H2O2 sensing. 
16. Miss Sanaz Emami (2009) Investigation of the effect of palladium complex on cytochrome C structure.
17. Miss Leila Meskoub Haghighi (2009) Electrochemical properties of immobilized glucose oxidase onto nano magnetic particles as glucose biosensor  
18. Mr Seyed Ahmad Dehdast (2009) Electrochemical study of alcohol dehydrogenase immobilized on nano-particle modified electrode 
19. Miss Shabnam Vojudi Nobakht (2009) Electrochemical investigation of glucose oxidase immobilized on nano-particle modified electrode
20. Miss Hajar Zareai (2010) Electrochemical study of  interaction of human Ig-G with anti Ig-G immobilized on magnetic nanoparticles  
21. Mr Alireza Lotfabadi (2010) Study of intereaction between Human Ig G and aminated nano-tubes modified anti-Ig G using electrochemical methods
22. Mr Elyas Alipour (2011) Capacitive immunosensor based on immobilized antibody on gold nanoparticles to detect hepatitis B surface antigen
23. Mrs Somayeh Karimi (2011) Direct electron transfer of cholesterol oxidase at carbon nanotube modified electrode
24. Miss Rizan Amjadi (2011) Effect of nitrate in drinking water on Hb F and Hb A using nanoparticle-based electrods
25. Miss  Leila Sabouri (2012) Investigation of hepatitis B detection through chemiluminescence based on gold nanoparticles bearing luminol
26. Miss  Nourani (2012) Investigation of Hepatitis B virus detection through electrochemistry based on magnetic nanoparticle
27. Miss Leila Mahrokh (2013) A microbial fuel cell using functionalized carbon nanotubes and Shewnella Sp. Bacteria
28. Mr Vahid Hamidi (2013) Signal magnification  in Avian Influenza Viruses Detection through Rolling Circle Amplification
29. Mr Mosleh Mohammadi (2013) Production of dendrimer nanoparticles targeted by herceptin for gene delivery to breast concer cell lines
30. Mr Saeid  Mortezazadeh(2013) Detection of human glycohemoglobin using Nano-crystal CdTe quantum dots modified with 3-Aminophenylboronic Acid 
31. Mr Mohammad Golmimi (2014) DNA and Quantum Dot Based HTLV-I Tracing
32. Mr. Mohammad Behnam Rad (Current) Fabrication of blood glucose biosensor based on non enzymatic oxidizing nanoparticles
33. Miss Sepideh Esmaeili (Current)
Student Supervised (Ph.D.)
1. Mr. Hassan Tavakoli (2005) The Effect of Parathion and Paraoxon as Organophosphorus Agents on Structure and Function of Acetyl Cholinesterase and Choline Oxidase.
2. Mr. Navid Mogharab (2007) Physico-chemical Modification of Horseradish Peroxidase to Improve its Efficiency for Electrochemical Biosensors 
3. Mr. Ahmad Moulaie Rad (2007) Electrochemical and Thermodynamic Studies on Substituted Metalloporhyrins in Horseradish Peroxidase; In cooperating with Professor Ali Akbar Moosavi Movahedi 
4. Mr. Mohammad Mostafa Hongjun (2006) The Structural and Electrochemical Studies on Wild and Modified Superoxide Dismutases from Bovine Erythrocyte; In cooperating with Professor Ali Akbar Moosavi Movahedi 
5. Miss Sedigheh Hashemnia (2007) Kinetic, Electrochemistry and Structured Studies of Chemically Modified and Native Bovine Liver Catalase. In cooperating with Professor Ali Akbar Moosavi Movahedi 
6. Mr. Hassan Shafiey (2008), Electrochemical consideration of Cytchtome c unfolding 
7. Mr Hosseinali Rafiaeepour (2010) Improvement of electron transfer in superoxide dismutase (SOD) by carbon and/or gold nanoparticles.
8. Mrs. Sharareh Sajjadi (2010) Direct electron transfer of choline oxidase using carbon nanotubes.
9. Mr Hassan Farid Nouri (2011) Investigation of electrochemical behavior and structural change of chemically modified tyrosinase and laccase using nanoparticles
10. Mrs Parvaneh Rahimi (2011), In cooperating with Professor P. Norowzi, The use of functionalized carbon nanotubes and ionic liquids in electrochemical study of enzymes (catalase and glucose oxidase) by using modern electrochemical methods
11. Miss Khadijeh Eskendarai  (2012) Metal nanoparticle effect on protein structure and function
12. Mr. Hesam Sepasi (2012), In cooperating with Professor A.A. Moosavi Movahedi, Comparative spectroscopic and electrochemical study of catalase in the absence and the presence of chemical stabilizer and osmolytes: utilizing amino nanoparticles
13. Mrs Aghdas Banaei (2014) In cooperating with Professor A.A. Moosavi Movahedi, Structural, functional and electrochemical study of human fetal and adult hemoglobin by using nanoparticles in the presence and absence of mobile electromagnetic waves irradiation
14. Mr Mostafa Shourian (2015) Effect of physicochemical parameters on improvement of luminescence signal for hepatitis B virus detection based on modified gold nanoparticles
15. Miss Fariba Dashtestani (2015) Constructing of artificial nanoenzymes based on modified metallic nanoparticles
16. Mrs Farideh Guranlu (2015) Construction of enzymatic fuel cell with alcohol dehydrogenase as bioanods  and Laccase as bio cathode
17. Mrs Marzieh Azizi (Current) Study on synergistic cytotoxic of paclitaxel nanoparticles  with each of four options (Ganoderic acid, silver, copper, cadmium nanoparticles) in three breast cancer cell lines of MCF7, MDA-MB231, SKBR-3
18. Mrs Rahele Torabi (Current) Gold nanoparticles based aptasensor as diabetes type two risk assessment tool and introducing a nanoprobe for reducing the risk
19. Miss Fateme Hakimian (Current) Electrochemical and optical nanobiosensor for detection of miRNA-155 as a biomarker for breast cancer
20. Miss Samane Hadian Ghazvini (Current) Designing a nanobiosensor for investigating methylation state of one of colorectal cancer (CRC) epigenetic markers used in CRC screening
34. Mr Elyas Alipour (Current) 
35. Miss Leila Mahrokh (Current)
21. Miss  Nourani (Current) 
Post Doctoral Program
1. Mr. Mohammad Mostafa Hongjun (2006)
2. Mr. Navid Mogharab (2007)