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Arefeh Seyedarabi


                             Seyedarabi, Arefeh
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Structural Biology
 Tel: +98-21 66956974


Research Interests
Research in this laboratory focuses on the structure and function of proteins in health and disease using the necessary techniques and tools including, at present, protein biochemical and biophysical characterisation, structural determination and bioinformatics analyses. The major structural technique used is X-ray crystallography to solve novel structures both in their Apo or Halo forms. The research areas in this laboratory mainly takes inspiration from nature and also the valuable knowledge of Traditional Iranian Medicine (TIM) or Persian Medicine which is geographically most accessible and easily at hand. Current ongoing research is on the structural determination of sturgeon fish hemoglobin from the Caspian Sea which is of great novelty and native to the region. The use of TIM recommended flower extracts and the available knowledge of their active constituents is used in another research project in the prevention of amyloid formation aimed at neurodegenerative diseases, in particular Alzheimer's disease. Other upcoming research projects involve aromatherapy and ozone therapy. Additionally, optimisation of crystallisation is another research area for which I strive for as it is an expertise close to my heart.